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Fosscomm 2015 at Athens

Jan 9, 2016 - 2 minute read - Comments - FosscommopenSUSE-el

Fosscomm is the annual conference of the Greek Free Software communities. This year the event took place on November 7 & 8 at the Technological Educational Institute(TEI) of Athens. This time around openSUSE had quite the strong presence in the conference with 3 talks and a booth.


The Booth itself always had at least 3 persons busy answering questions with old time and some new contributors to the project and local community handling the organization and distribution of the swag in the booth and explaining the merits of our current structure, projects and releases.

Community Booth

Enlightening Lizards

Although i haven’t had time to really contribute to this project in a while, it’s still one i really hold dear/close to heart so made sure to do this presentation again this year but with updated stats to spread the word about this awesome window manager and its foundation libraries and the stellar packaging work done by simon lees.

Enlightening Lizards

Automated Testing With openQA

My second and I believe most important presentation, this year, was about the excellent QA tool actually used to build our distro, “openQA”. As said by it’s motto, “Life is too short for manual testing!”, thus openQA is used to automate testing of the whole distribution (either as a collection or in individual package basis). You can see some test case examples on it’s homepage, you can also fetch the presentation from my github repo (FOSSCOMM_2015 directory) linked in the blog sidebar.

Automated Testing, openQA

Leaping Ahead

Alex Vennos another community member had a presentation about the latest stable release “Leap 42.1”, unfortunately i couldn’t attend it but heard that it was well received even though people showed some confusion about the sudden “Leap” to a version like 42.1 from the previous 13.2

Leaping Ahead

The rest

I spent the rest of the conference at our booth helping people, answering questions and generally socializing and talking with old & new friends.

Congratulations to the people from the TEI of Athens for the organization! :)

Update minor (mostly grammar/typo fixes)


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