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My Browsing Environment

Jun 18, 2015 - 3 minute read - Comments - firefoxbrowserenv

I did a huge cleanup of my firefox profile today, which resulted in me removing tons of stuff (from dead bookmarks to useless addons to many other subtle or not that subtle stuff).
The whole process helped to return firefox in a rather working/healthy state, but also served as a good reminder of something i had in mind for quite a while now.
I wanted to document my firefox setup once i decided that it is stable or has reached a state that pleases me usability wise (hard if you consider all the changes that happened to it throughout the years).

This post serves as a good linkable source too for all those that ask me how i configure my firefox and a list of addons i practically recommend (through my own usage of them). So without further ado:
For simplicity and to give their usage in a glance i have separated them in 4 distinct categories. The list is of the form “Addon - reasoning”, i didn’t include links since all of them are readily available on addons.mozilla.org

Safe Browsing

NoScript - Blocks many stuff (js, flash, java etc) can allow whitelisting of sites that you deem safe enough to allow their code to run.
RequestPolicy - Similar in spirit to NoScript but for any cross site requests.
Certificate Patrol - Monitors and shows changes in certificates (suspicious or not)
HTTPS-Everywhere - Defaults to HTTPS by default for those sites that provide it but not offer it as the default redirect
Privacy Badger - Pretty much covered by the others but there to catch anything the others might actually miss
RefControl - To see and track what the Ref header sends to the site i visit.
Priv3 - Blocks tracking by social buttons (like, +1, etc)
Self-Destructing Cookies - Self-Explanatory addon. once i leave the site, the cookies go BOOM!

Quality of Life

GreaseMonkey - Allows me to overwrite or extend site behaviour through js
Stylish - overwrite the site CSS (really a must for more sites than i can count)
Session Manager - I always had issues with tabs management with the default manager, this solves it
uBlock Origin - Ads! many of them are so distracting and intrusive i just don’t like them.
Reddit Enchancement Suite - I browse Reddit A LOT, this makes it a tad more bearable.
Cleanest Addon Manager - with that many addons…
Google Search by Image - To make finding the source of an image quicker …

User Interface/User Experience

Pentadactyl - I am a vim and a very keyboard/keybinding heavy user, this adds better kb based control.
Socialite - Shows the current vote rating on reddit for the link i browse or allows me to quick submit it there.
The AddonBar (restored) - Firefox removed the addonbar recently, this brings it back.
Config Descriptions - I fiddle a lot with about:config sometimes, this adds explanations.
Tree Style Tab - a must, a way better visualization of the tabs i open and their relationship.


Rikaichan - This allows me to get an explanation of an unknown japanese word by just hovering it with my mouse.

Just to see how things evolve (or hopefully progress) i’ll also be keeping track of this and updating/making a listing yearly, seeing how my browsing environment will have changed by next June!