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YAPC::EU 2014 at Sofia, Bulgaria - Day 3

Sep 8, 2014 - 3 minute read - Comments - yapcyapceuperl

Like every other conference in YAPC too day 3 was far less populated and way quieter.

R Geoffrey Avery (rGeoffrey) - Dancer: Getting to Hello World

A very nice and from the ground up talk from rGeoffrey, what i liked here is him going from the ground up showing the whole stack instead of bluntly talking about how to install run and end a ‘Hello world’ app.pl with dancer. As a small bonus he also showed the differences if you wanted to use mojolicious instead.

Carl Mäsak (masak) - GOTO statement considered awesome

An interesting talk from masak about state, flows and exotic language features.

Susanne Schmidt (Su-Shee) - MVC-templates-routes web frameworks - is that all there is?

Susanne talked about the different approaches frameworks and architectures that are less heard today after being drowned in the MVC fever. Seeing examples from smalltalk,erlang, sinatra, mojo, R (shiny) et al was highly interesting and educating.

Mark Overmeer (markov) - Digest:SHA is broken

Mark showed us how things can break in a module that is supposed to operate on bytes instead of strings (after changing to support strings) even though Perl itself has no way to differentiate between strings and bytes anyway.

Sawyer X - Plack for Fun and Profit (But Mostly Profit)

Seeing how booking.com uses plack in both development and production (with sample code!) was rather interesting, and plack seems to have become a rather nifty tool deserving a good seat in the perl ecosystem.

Upasana Shukla (upasana) - Structured exceptions in Moose

Upasana talked about structured exceptions and the challenges she faced making the transition from string exceptions to structured. She didn’t manage to win me over though with their pros, i still hate (most types of) exceptions and the Object Oriented Everything approach but it was an enjoyable and interesting talk.

Sawyer X - Day 3 Keynote - The Joy In What We Do

For this i will post he’s abstract verbatim: >“Small memories flooding our consciousness like a river of delightful experiences, carrying us through our lives, tugging at our heart, pointing us towards endless appreciation of what many fall prey to forgetting: our love of solving puzzles and our joy of transforming reality and life itself. > >This is the joy in what we do. “

This one was a keynote that deeply touched me and one i would recommend you all to watch and be reminded of the joy in what we do, and the reasons we all contribute to Free software.

Lightning talks Day 2

Being rather tired at this point i only watched one Lightning talk (and i immensely enjoyed it)

Thomas Klausner (domm) - The OAuth2 Dance

In this one OAuth2 was explained through a modern dance choreography that probably confused more than it helped (still was enjoyable and probably tons of fun for everyone :P)

The rest

The rest of the day went buy pretty quiet, the adrenaline levels having dropped with the conference closure, i passed the rest of the day relaxing and getting readyu for the returning trip home to Greece. That concludes the third and final day of the conference and here i would like to say a big thanks to all attendees and especially the organizers for making YAPC::EU 2014 such an awesome conference and a very worthwhile memory.