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YAPC::EU 2014 at Sofia, Bulgaria - Day 2

Sep 8, 2014 - 3 minute read - Comments - yapcyapceuperl

Today was pretty much a “Devops” day for me, both by watching most of the devops track and holding conversations mostly about/with devops people.

Bradley Andersen (elohmrow) - Regex 101

This was a rather interesting talk in which Bradley went over the bare basics of regex, making an analysis and effective crash course about understanding them and starting to write sane regex. Unfortunately it was too beginner oriented for me but found it quite brilliant for someone who never saw regex before (or as some people like to say “ascii puke”).

Marian Marinov (HackMan) - Create your containers with perl

In his talk Marian, went over the tools he uses to work with containers and perl. In 16 slides, he presented the current state of containers in linux and showed what is covered/supported by perl, he then went on presenting his proposed toolkit full of utilities that combined give you a full environment to work with (in perl).

Naim Shafiyev (shafiev) - Automatization Network infrastructure

Naim, presented the issues an ISP has managing thousands of users with as many different needs and scenarios of use. The current protocols, practices, common pitfalls and especially how to avoid those and learn from previous situations. He closed the talk with some interesting future ideas.

Matt S Trout (mst) - Devops Logique

Matt presented the merits of Logic Programming and taking declarative system descriptions to a new level of abstraction, and finding ways to integrate these ideas back into more common workflows.

Denis Banovic (@bano99) - Perl in the Cloud

This was an interesting talk about running and scaling your own perl application paas on private open source cloud, albeit more dev than ops.

Lightning talks Day 2

Last but not least was the Lighting talks session. A full hour of 10 lighting talks and 30 second breaks between each talk for announcements (or ads).

Laurent Dami (dami) - Virtual tables in Perl for SQLite

Laurent talked about the upcoming Virtual table support in DBD::SQLite.

Kang-min Liu (gugod) - Introduction to Hijk

Hijk, is a very simple very small and very specialized web server (specialized in the sense that it does only one job), also has a hardly pronouncable name).

Simun Kodzoman (sime) - TableEditor

TableEditor is exactly what the name suggests, created on top of dancer and angularJS.

Mihai Pop - Trubzi.com

Brief presentation of Trubzi.com and its features (which of course is built in perl ;)

Dan Muey - I � Unicode

A basic intro to unicode and garbled text issues, Dan also gave a full version of this lighting talk in the past, watching that one is also suggested.

Upasana Shukla (upasana) - GNOME’s Outreach Program for Women

Upasana talked about her experience with GNOME’s Outreach Program for Women & how one can become a part of it.

Matt S Trout (mst) - Day 2 Keynote - State of the Velociraptor

As usual, Matt presented a recap of the previous year in the perl5 community as well how what we saw and learned can help shape both our language and community in the coming year.

The rest

I spent the rest of the conference day talking with and meeting new people. Then went off with the romanian crowd (a bunch of very cheerful,interesting and friendly people) to tour the city of sofia and later go for drinks. That very enjoyable and highly informative sofia city center tour was done by a (native) sofia citizen and also speaker in the conference, Dimitar Mitov (you can find details about his presentation in the previous post.)

And this concludes the second day of the conference.