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YAPC::EU 2014 at Sofia, Bulgaria - Day 1

Sep 7, 2014 - 5 minute read - Comments - yapcyapceuperlopenSUSE-elopenQA

Two weeks ago, i went to Sofia, Bulgaria but due to being extremely busy with other work these posts got a little delayed. In this series of posts i will describe the 3 days of the conference.

YAPC::EU (short for “Yet Another Perl Conference::Europe”) is the annual conference of the European Perl community. This year the conference took place from August 22nd through the 24th at the Inter Expo Center (IEC). I arrived the day before the conference, just in time to have lunch and head to the pre-conference Welcoming party. The meeting took place to the “Krivoto” Beer House. in the center of sofia.

Next morning I headed with a friend to the vanue, we arrived around 9:30 where they were (still) serving breakfast, there were a few booths. There was a booth with free Coffee, snacks and a couple flavors of Tea. Another booth had traditional bulgarian breakfast, “banitsa and boza”. Banitsa is a filo pastry with cheese and eggs while boza is a fermented wheat kind of drink that is traditionally served with banitsa. During the breakfast time there was a meet and greet session for the conference attendees, a fantastic idea for newcomers both to the community and the conference itself. I didn’t have a camera with me so unless i get my hands on some photos the next sections will probably look a bit bare.

Mihai Pop - Perl Secret

Perl Secret was a funny and really interesting talk from Mihai Pop about perl secret operators and their representation as minions. I like minions nearly as much as i like the secret operators so i attended the talk which paid in full. I had a really enjoyable time hearing about operators i used, remembered or never even heard of, all together with adorable minions!

Mark Overmeer (Markov) - Translation with context

This was a very interesting talk about how to use gettext and perl to have context enabled translations. First he described us how the gettext framework works and how the PO and MO tables are being created. He then went on talking about “Log::Report::Translate::Context” which is a module that using the “msgctxt” field of standard PO-files it adds information to msgids in order to make context sensitive translations possible.

Thomas Klausner (domm) - Code i am proud of

Next came Thomas Klausner who presented as with a very interesting conglomerate of hacks he did last year. The talk included (but was not limited to) Consistent Random Passwords, MOPfuscation, ZeroBlog (which is his current blog’s backend) and a Short and magic $elf (loved that one, was clever :p).

Curtis Poe (Ovid) - How to fake a database design

Ovid’s talk was very good and with lots of tips for you if you don’t want to enrage your DBA. He opened the talk with a series of explanations and definitions of simple (or not so simple) Database design concepts. Then in a small Q & A like session he went on telling us about DO’s and DON’Ts of Database design.

Ervin Ruci (eruci) - A geo search engine in a few lines of perl

Ervin told us about the mod_perl based codebase of a perl module he wrote a few years back. It is the backend powering a Forward and Reverse Geocoding website covering the U.S.A and Canada. He then went on describing how it works and usage examples.

Sue Spence (virtualsue) - Get Me to the Pub Please

In this talk, Sue told us about the local runners group she likes to participate in and the trouble she had co-ordinating with them about when the meetups are, the meeting point, finishing point, the trace of the running etc. She then went on describing what she set up (calendaring, notifications, etc.) and how perl helped her in that (plus the modules she used).

Lightning talks Day 1

Last but not least was the Lighting talks session. A full hour of 10 lighting talks and 30 second breaks between each talk for announcements (or ads). At this point i was quite tired so i only write about only 2 of the 10 lighting talks i remember better.

Dimitar Mitov - Perl Executing Browser

I remember this talk better because i discovered the project a little while before attending YAPC and was quite interested in it. Dimitar opened the talk by telling us why he needed such a tool and the reasons that led him to choose QT as the toolkit for it. In short his browser allows you to have a nice local web interface for your CGI scripts without using a full blown web server.

Alex-P. Natsios - OS-autoinst: Testing with Perl and openCV

And my very own lighting talk about the OpenQA project. OpenQA is the framework used at openSUSE to automatically test the distibution and release media. openQA is almost entirely in Perl (tests included). Due to the limited timeframe i had i didn’t really go deep into how it all works. I gave a fast overview of what it is and how we use it in openSUSE then devoted the rest of my time to explaining how testing works. Finally i showed a real world example with the test for xterm (while explaining its code).

The rest

I spent the rest of the day talking with and meeting new people. I also met old friends and people i had only talked to online (via IRC).

And this concludes the first day of the conference.