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Fosscomm 2013 at Athens

Apr 26, 2013 - 3 minute read - Comments - FosscommLinuxTeamopenSUSE-elGentoo-el

Fosscomm is the annual conference of the Greek Free Software communities. This year took place on April 20-21 at the Harokopio University of Athens and I had a presentation with Ευστάθιος Ιοσιφίδης (Eustathios Iosifidis). We organized the road trip with friends from Volos and Thessaloniki.


The greek openSUSE community had a handful of presentations (most of them done by or together with Ευστάθιος Ιωσηφίδης (Efstathios Iosifidis). Iosifidis had a whole six of them, however i only managed to watch the first one about OwnCloud. Then we co-presented “Developments and Usage of E17 on openSUSE 12.3” a talk about the excellent Desktop Shell Enlightenment 17 and what work has been done for it to be packaged and ready so you can get an awesome openSUSE flavored experience while running it :). E-presentation

Αγγελος Τζότσος (Aggelos Tzotsos) also took part as openSUSE community representative at the panel held before the closing of the conference.


This year the greek Gentoo community also had a booth in the conference like openSUSE and Fedora. There were Gentoo stickers of varying sizes and for the price of 1 Euro one could get a Gentoo pin to support the foundation. Παύλος Ράτης (Pavlos Ratis) also took part as Gentoo representative at the Communities Panel held before the closing of the conference.

Other Presentations and Stuff

This year a few new community members and friends tagged along (Φανή Δήμου (Fani Dimou) and Χάρης Αντωνάτος (Charis Antonatos)), we also watched a few presentations together and participated in a mini workshop for the LibreOffice BoF.

Winnie: a framebuffer window system

In this presentation Ελένη-Μαρία Στέα (Eleni-Maria Stea) showed us her new project. A windowing system named Winnie that talks directly to the framebuffer (thus needs no X to run). Mandatory Screenshot and link to source: Winie screenie Source Code Demo Video

CSS in the 4th dimension: Not your daddy’s CSS animations

In this presentation done by Λία Βέρου (Lea Verou) we learned about the upcoming support in recent(or not that recent) versions of web browsers of CSS features like Transitions and Animations.

Dancing with teraFLOPS: parallelism and multiprocessing

John Tsiobikas talked about openC, GPU programming technologies and about openMP. He also showed a few video examples of the progression of a raytracing demo from running in a serial way to being parallelised with openMP.

PROTOS: An Open Source Early Warning System

In this presentation done by Vasilios Vlachos we learned about the PROTOS warning system. The PROactive Thread Observatory System, which is basically a server/client based IDS, PROTOS

Security BoF

I don’t remember the precise title of this session but it was really interesting, here we talked about topics ranging from mobile to distro and enterprise security standards. We also discussed a few recent insidents and breaches that happened this year.

LibreOffice / Vocabulary / Linguistics / Thesaurus BoF

This BoF was coordinated by Pantelis Koukousoulas a Libre Office contributor and a founder/developer of openthesaurus.gr. We discussed about the current state of Greek Vocabularies and Thesaurus in LibreOffice, how people could help resolve the issues and how one could contribute to the projects.

I spent the rest of the conference helping around at the various booths (mostly on Gnome-el, Gentoo-el, openSUSE-el) and talking with people. I also met old friends and people i had only talked to online (via IRC).

Congratulations to the people from HUA for the organization! :)

Here are a few albums with photos from the conference fosscomm photos

  • Update: Fixed the description for winnie and added a more recent Demo Video