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A comeback full of rants

Nov 14, 2011 - 3 minute read - Comments - selfindieMag

Ah.. haven’t blogged for more than a month (id est 54 days) in those days
lots of stuff happened some personal some not.. but thats not what this post is actually about. It is a rant post but not for the personal part :) A couple of my friends decided to run a blog together about one of their shared interests, indie Games, featuring reviews about new games, interviews of game developers and people in the game industry and all those news blogs are about. What is important and of interest here is that as an idea a dedicated site for this cause is something that was missing in the Greek Gaming news scene.

now for the real part of this post

Well its no secret that i get quite egotistical when it comes to certain stuff like Java and PHP, however when it comes to friends i can cast that hatred aside devour my pride and use these (for them) if need arise, and thats how the story starts…

The first of October after some searching and crossing out various CMS as they wanted something quick for a start, and to make it easier to the artist they decided on WordPress, and that’s when hell broke loose.

Unlike us wordpress hates git producing a few strange problems with a couple of its dir and a sickload of javascript files which i still haven’t realized why they refused to work and get uploaded correctly but a virtual user and some git hook magic took care of both that and proper deployment of the WP sources. Next in line was a way to serialize/streamline a simple workflow for them, like creating a few tasks to compress the css, optimize a few things, validate the style and relevant scripts, easy stuff (rake to the rescue).
Finally, after setting up an Nginx vhost, i faced another strange problem which i still struggle against..
to run wordpress with Nginx i use lighttpd’s spawn-fcgi , the situation here is that spawn-fgci has a very strange behavior that i still haven’t been able to debug.
After a seemingly random time (or is it after a bunch of requests? O.o) the php-cgi process dies… how does it die? WHY does it die? Why post-mortem the php-cgi.pid file stays untouched instead of getting deleted due to the “death” of its process?
What i got from all these.. is a lot of frustration.. (idem ditto for them) and a verification of HOW HORRIBLY ridiculus PHP really is .. still debugging this will be an interesting thing to do in the following days (providing i get the time to investigate/debug that mess). (clues are more than welcome though .. since the writer is on a deadend here..)

moral of the story: its nearly 2012 people stay the damn away from the PHP plague (if you feel like keeping your sanity..) at least this horrid mess made them get even more excited about Ruby & Rails :D