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Software Freedom Day 2011

Sep 19, 2011 - 1 minute read - Comments - SFDLinuxTeam

Two days ago in Larissa’s Central square my LinuxTeam colleagues and I held this year’s SFD.
We had a booth there with lots of FOSS stuff, Distro CDs (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Opensuse), a CD with FOSS for windows, stickers and the like. Being in a high traffic spot we had lots of people passing by, asking questions. It was a huge success! Many people had already known about us, to our surprise near the end of the event (~11:00-13:00) we got overwhelmed talking to all those who gathered around the booth. To sum it up it was a great experience that allowed us to meet equally great people both FOSS related or people that never heard or had just a vague idea about FOSS.