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Thessaloniki.rb second meetup

Sep 9, 2011 - 2 minute read - Comments - thessrbruby

Three days ago on September 6th we had our second meetup in the Seminar#1 room of the Library in City College (location pinned in the map, found in the links at the end of the post). The room was almost full of attendees, hinting that we might soon enough need a bigger room for the meetups! :)

We had to rush things a bit, but in the end we managed to fit 2 presentations. Vasilis used his Macbook and Justin.tv to provide a live streaming of the event, video quality was quite awful though (old camera, insufficient lighting) but there was a good audio quality.

There were 2 presentations:

Git and Github by Petros Amiridis
Simple Web Apps with Sinatra by Vasilis Rizopoulos

We should note that the .rb suffix of the group is mostly decorative and the initial cause or sparc if you prefer that lit the flame of discussions which in turn lead to the creation of this group, it isn’t a definite term as we are going to actually expand the topics of the presenations and following discussions as we progress, there will be talks about primarily Ruby but also Software Engineering maybe even hardware related in the future.

Honoring the above Petros also included a ref in his press about vcs and dvcs’s in general while Vasilis also talked about Information Radiators. Petros also did some notable work in the Github repo Creating and filling up a wiki for us in which we will be writing about the meetups and any notes related to the discussions held during the meetups.

meetup page in the Github wiki


Hello World! Software Freedom Day 2011

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