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Welcome to my blog!

The purpose of this blog is to house my random mumbling about things like open source, music, movies, everyday thoughts etc. I think you got it.

###$ whoami

hmm i kinda suck at introductions but lets give it a try anyway…

I am Alexandros-Panayiotis Natsios an undergraduate student at the department of Computer Science and Telecomunications, Technical Educational Institute of Larissa, in Greece., so for the best part of the year i live in Larissa, Greece.

among the things i like is using free stuff and contributing to FOSS & FOSS related communities.

Some of these Communities are

  • LinuxTeam. the Linux & general FOSS related Team from TEILAR. The team was founded in April 2007. We actively promote linux to our colleagues, teachers and everyone around us. We organize events like install fests and conferences about various topics plus hackfests and workshops. LinuxTeam also participates in conferences in other cities and have hosted the second FOSSCOMM in our college.

  • Rubystes. The Greek Ruby Community. Actively participating in the Mailing list and the Thessaloniki.rb Local Branch.

  • chania-lug. The FOSS local user group from Chania, Crete. Actively participating in the irc Channel.

  • Enlightenment. The Enlightenment Project. Actively participating in the ML’s and in the greek Local Community about the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and the E-WM.

  • and more…

I am also A happy Slackware & NetBSD User.

Apart from Computers i like:

  • Reading.
  • Chess and the Japanese chess-like game of Shogi.
  • Listening to Music.
  • Hiking.
  • Watching Movies.

More often than not I can be found on IRC

  • [freenode.net] * ##slackware * #e * #e.el * #edevelop * #ruby * #perl * #git * ##networking * and more..

  • [oftc.net] * #awesome

  • [chania-lug.gr] * #chania-lug

  • [irc.gr] * #linuxteam * #Slackware * #Codemasters * #C

That’s enough about me i think…